Jane Stain's Dunskey Castle Books Family Tree

The Family Curse

In 1435, Sean MacGregor, as yet childless, settled a gambling debt by selling every fourth-born son of his descendants into slavery to a druid. This druid later founded Celtic University and recruited other druids to be its staff. The staff recruited the MacGregors to run time travel errands for them. Crossed out names indicate deceased clan members.

Sean's great grandson Ailde's offspring, 1500s:
Bran - Osgar - Gordon - Dall

Dall and his first wife's offspring, 1500s:
Peadar - Peigi (girl) - Dombnall

Dall & Emily's offspring almost 30 years ago: 
Twins: Tomas - Tavish

Peadar & Evangeline's offspring almost 30 years ago:
Twins: Michael (Meehall) - Gabriel (Connell)
Twins: Jeffrey (Friseal) - Johnathan (Eoin) (Drest)

Because Peadar came to the future when he was grown up

Peadar and his father, Dall, are the same age and his sons are close to the same age as their uncles. These six boys (Tavish, Tomas, Meehall, Connell, Friseal, and Eoin) grew up together at their parents’ Renaissance faire. In their teens, they all had steady girlfriends whom they broke up with ‘for their own good’ when they all were told of The Family Curse on Tomas and Tavish’s 18th birthday.

Teen couples at the Renaissance Faire

Tomas & Amber
Tavish & Kelsey
Michael (Meehall) & Sarah
Gabriel (Connell) & Ashley
Jeffrey (Friseal) & Lauren
Johnathan (Eoin) (Drest) & Jaelle

Peadar’s little brother, Dombnall, was the great-something grandfather of Ciaran, Baltair, and Donnan. Donnan's book is Time of the Fae.

Donnan's MacGregor Clan, now living in 71 AD

Dall’s brothers, Bran and Osgar, and their offspring, and so on

Bran’s offspring:
Gordon - Fiona (girl) - Brigid (girl) - Earnan - Drost
Plus many grandchildren

Osgar’s offspring:
Mara (girl) - Ros - Colleen (girl) - Ninean - Mungan
Plus many grandchildren

Where you can find each character

Druid Magic box set 

Individual books: Tavish, Seumas, Tomas,
Also about Kelsey, Amber, Sasha, Deirdre, and Galdus the possessed dagger

RenFaire Druids box set

Individual books: Renaissance Faire, Renaissance Festival, Renaissance Man
About Dall, Emily, Peadar, Evangeline (Vange) and their babies: Tavish, Tomas, Michael, Gabriel, Jeffrey, and Johnathan

Celtic Druids box set

Individual Books: Time of the Celts, Time of the Picts, Time of the Druids
Jaelle, Johnathan, Breth, Taloran, Deirdre, and Galdus the possessed dagger

Druid Dagger box set

Individual Books: Leif, Taran, Luag
Also about Lauren, Jessica, Katherine, and Galdus the possessed dagger

Druid History (box set coming July 2019)

Individual books: Meehall, Ciaran, Baltair
Also about Sarah, Nadia, Ellie, and Connell

Druid Defeat (box set coming December 2019)

Individual Books: Time of the Fae, Druids or Faeries (May 2019), Time for the Clan (July 2019)
Donnan, Suellen, Connell, Ashley, Friseal, Marybeth, and everyone else above (Grand Finale)