Jane Stain Druids Bidding Series


I was delighted when Andrew McDermott, 
a renouned Irish narrator of fantasy Romance books, 
offered to produce audiobooks of my Druids Bidding series. 
He does the Scots accent well, and he sings the songs!

Books 1-4 are done and ready for your enjoyment! I have approved book 5 and it should be available by the end of October. He is busy producing book 6, and it should be available by Christmas of 2020. :)

Below are individual links for your convenience. Sample each audiobook on its page!

Renfaire Druids (Dunskey Castle Prequels)
A magical Romantic world opens up for two women who buy dresses at the Renaissance fair.
US Audible | UK Audible | ebook | Paperback

Druid Magic (Dunskey Castle 1-3)
Under these cliffs at Dunskey Castle, it is rumored lies the true ancient seat of Alba (Scotland).

Celtic Druids (Dunskey Castle 4-6)
Druids paint Pictish warriors with magic woad armor to fight the Romans at Hadrian's Wall.

Druid Dagger (Dunskey Castle 7-9) 
The Druid in Lauren's dagger kept her from telling her friends about time travel.

Druid History (Dunskey Castle 10-12)
What happens when you steal a magic bracer?

Druid Defeat (Dunskey Castle 13-15) 
Which is stronger, the Druids or the Fae?