Author Jane Stain Printable Book List as of March 2020

Thank you, Whitney, for requesting a printable booklist of all my series in the recommended reading order. This photo is what I came up with.

In case you have photos disabled in your browser, this downloadable and printable photo has all the book covers on it and shows the set series as well as the individual book series.

This is the order I wrote them in.

Enjoy! I will list them below in plain text in case anyone needs them that way.


Kilts at the Renaissance Fair / RenFaire Druids / Renaissance Fair Series
1 Renaissance Fair
2 Renaissance Festival
3 Renaissance Man

Dunskey Castle Series
4 Tavish
5 Seumas
6 Tomas
7 Time of the Celts
8 Time of the Picts
9 Time of the Druids
10 Leif
11 Taran
12 Luag
13 Meehall
14 Ciaran
15 Baltair
16 Time of the Fae
17 Faeries or Druids
18 Time for the Clan

Dark Horse Series (alternating books with Monica Campbell)
19 Rock Candy
20 Rock Bottom
21 Rock the Boat